Facilitated by Pastor David Gray and Chris Jimenez

The Discipleship’s Mission is sequential, developmental, small group discipline process to help Christians master life by developing personal, lifelong, obedient relationships with Christ. Participants in master life learn how to deepen the relationship of quiet through a 24 week discipleship process that consists of for six-week studies:

• Master Life: The Disciple’s Cross             • Master Life 2: The Disciple’s Personality

• Master Life 3: The Disciple’s Victory        • Master 4: The Disciple’s Mission

Although we encourage you to start at book one it is not necessary for you to complete all four books in order to join the class. Each class will have a study guide which is $15. Study guides may be purchased at our EC APP. 

Facilitated by Ministers Charles and Carla Dukes

Grow your marriage as you learn to reflect God’s image and advance His Kingdom. This thought-provoking guide will equip you to discover what biblical marriage is really about and explore the unique mission God has for your marriage. See how it transforms your relationship by helping you answer key questions such as... How will understanding God's design for marriage change the way we interact and grow as a couple? How can achieving true unity impact a marriage for life? What is the key to having the vibrant, abundant marriage God intends for us?

This study ends May 29. Class materials may be purchased on the EC APP for $6.00

Facilitated by Pastor Charlotte Hall and Rae Butler

Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! Join our Financial Peace University group, and we’ll learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together! Interested? Join me at Encounter Church starting Wednesday, May 8th- June 26th!

Feel free to sign up and purchase materials at https://fpu.com/1088683.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION; What You Won’t Confront You Can’t Change
Facilitated Pastor Steven Taylor and Sherry BeCoats

If you’ve ever been devastated by someone or something In which you believed you were wronged, hurt or abused? Whether the relationship was a family member, coworker or friend- this is the class for you. If you are in need of inner healing and encouragement, join this class on how to handle conflict resolution and discover ways to bring healing by effective communication, dealing with past hurts and issues and confronting what has been hindering you.

Materials are not required for this class however; please sign up on the EC App.

Facilitated by Minster Lyndsie Montgomery

Are you a little dated with your technology skills? Has social media taken you by storm and you have no way to maneuver through this fast pace society? How about getting connected through multiple outlets! Perhaps you want to save a tree by cutting down on paper usage and using your mobile device for documents and more. Allow Lyndsie to get you up to speed with technology in an ever-changing age! Bring your smartphone or tablet. Sign up on the EC APP.