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Don King’s June 4, Devotional

The works of the Lord  are great, Studied by all who have pleasure in them. The works of His hands are  verity and justice; All His precepts are sure. They stand fast forever and ever, And are  done in truth and uprightness. Psalm 111:2,7-8 NKJV

     The Bible contains the wisdom of the ages! Wisdom that predates the writing of it, and will last as long as the Earth remains. One can spend a lifetime studying God’s Word, and we should. Therein lies the proof of it’s own veracity. I am left in awe, speechless and defenseless before my Maker, therefore I pray and ask as Mary did: “Be it unto me, according to thy Word.” 

      “There is a science laboratory in Cambridge, England, called the Cavendish Laboratory, named after the eighteenth-century English chemist and physicist Sir Henry Cavendish (1731-1810). It is distinguished by having the words of Psalm 111:2 inscribed over the entrance to its building as a charter for every believing scientist: Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.” (The Enduring Word Bible Commentary by David Guzik)

      The point being there are many, many believing scientist, doctors, nurses, and other science based professions. Do not be impressed by atheistic scientists. Werner Avon Braun, who pioneered rocket engineering said; “An outlook… at the vast mysteries of the universe should only confirm our belief in the certainty of its Creator.” There is no reason for you not to believe as well.