Health & Well-being

Community health fairs offer free health screenings.  Mental health and counseling services, possibly partnering with local therapists or counselors.  Addiction recovery programs or support groups.

Educational & Youth Programs
Youth mentorship and leadership development Vacation Bible School and youth retreats with a focus on personal development
Digital & Technology Outreach

Ensuring church services and resources are available online for those unable to attend in person.  Tech workshops for the community, focusing on essential digital skills.

Celebrate Recovery
Support Groups comin in Spring 2024!
Empowering Tomorrow: Children's and Women's Initiatives
Programs develooped to Teach Self Development and Mindfulness 
• Entrepreneurial Training
  • A 6-week course on starting and running a small business, which includes guest speakers who are successful entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.
B.I.P.O.C. "Unity in Diversity, Strength in Community."

The principal aim of the "Empowering BIPOC Futures Through Education" initiative is to foster educational and vocational opportunities for young BIPOC individuals within our community.